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Wireless Gamepad

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The 2018 Wireless MOCUTE 050 VR Gamepad is a full-featured gamepad with 14 buttons, two joysticks, and a directional pad. Finally, a full gamepad without limits for mobile devices!

Gaming on your mobile device can be hard touchscreen controls are cumbersome and inaccurate. Thankfully, there's a way to transform your compatible Android or iOS device into a fully-fledged gaming experience! Use the MocuteTM Wireless Universal Gamepad to take total control over games on your mobile device and crush your enemies!

Wireless Technology
Connects to your mobile device using Bluetooth. Enjoy an easy-to-use gamepad with the freedom of wireless!

40H+ Autonomy
Built-in Lithium Battery, for a total charge of 2 to 3 hours, enjoy your controller for more than 40 hours.

iOS/Android Compatible
Compatible with any Mobile/Tablet format. Keep your favorite games in your pocket

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