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Ugreen Car Air Vent Mount

  • $19.99

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Drive safely with the Ugreen Car Air Vent Mount. Offering 360-degree rotation, this car accessory allows you to keep an eye on your device without using your hands. Likewise, being able to choose your preferred viewing angle makes it easier and safer to follow the GPS. It also doesn’t obstruct your view or take up extra space on the dashboard. Compatible with most major smartphone brands, the Ugreen mount can fit phones with 3.5 to 6-inch screen sizes.

It also works with tablets, portable music players, and GPS devices. The mount securely holds your device using two clips that stay in place against the air vent blades. The rubber inner padding protects your device from slipping and scratching. Thanks to its non-slip texture, the mount holds your device at all times, even when you’re driving on a bumpy road.

5% Discount will be available upon checkout

5% Discount will be available upon checkout