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TempDrop™ - Retractable Car Visor

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This Amazing Sun Visor Can Cool Down Your Car's Interior By 12.5°C in 30 Minutes!

New heat-reflecting aluminum foil alloy
Eliminates 90% of heat inside your car
Blocks 95% of damaging ultraviolet rays
Retractable with automatic winding function
Dual suction cups keep the visor firmly in place
Can be cut to fit any windscreen size
Water-proof, dust-proof, tear-proof, robust & durable
Protect Your Car from Heating in the Sun...

Annoyed by the burning heat after parking your car in summer? In a hurry but the seats are too hot? Always need to turn the AC in full blast to cool the air? Worse, you or your loved ones may suffer from heat stroke!  We have the perfect solution...introducing TempDrop™, the revolutionary visor that keeps your car's interior cool even when parked under the sun! It's also UV-protective so your dashboard won't crack & the finish won't fade.

Customize It to Fit Most Sedans & SUVs
You can cut the aluminum foil up to 4.9 inches on both sides to get the perfect size for your vehicle.

Installation is as EASY as 1-2-3...
1. Fix suction cups on the right spot.
2. Turn the knob to vacuum the air out then insert the visor into the notch.
3. Pull the visor from right to left across the windscreen.

The Secret is in the SCIENCE! Here's How It Works:
TempDrop™ is made from an aluminum alloy foil that uses HeatShield™ technology. It’s the same innovation used by NASA to protect rocket ships during launch & re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere.

Material: Outer Layer: Aluminum Foil / Inner Layer: Photocatalysis Film
Size: 26 X 59 X 0.7 inches

5% Discount will be available upon checkout

5% Discount will be available upon checkout