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Keyboard Case For iPad Air 3 Air 2 Air 1 Case With Pencil Holder Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad Air 2019 10.5 Air 1 2 9.7 Case

  • $37.68

For iPad Air 1 Gold
For iPad Air 1 Black
For iPad Air 1 Blue
For iPad Air 1 Pink
For iPad Air 2 Black
For iPad Air 2 Blue
For iPad Air 2 Gold
For iPad Air 2 Pink
For iPad Air 3 Black
For iPad Air 3 Blue
For iPad Air 3 Gold
For iPad Air 3 Pink

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Please check the model before purchasing.

Please check the back code of the iPad when purchasing: Axxxx (four digits), compare with the model number in the picture, and confirm the model before purchasing. The options are applicable to 3 models, For iPad Air 3 2019 10.5" / For iPad Air 2 9.7" / For iPad Air 1 9.7". Please check the model and purchase it according to the model of the photo in the option. If you are not sure what the model is, please do not Buy, contact us to help you confirm, if the wrong purchase caused by not checking the model, the seller is not responsible, please know, thank you! !!Have a good day!

Please note! ! Please note! ! !

Note: The keyboard is an English alphabet keyboard. If you need alphabet keyboard stickers for other languages ​​(Russian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian), please Message in the order! !! !! !!

For iPad 5th 6 th 7th Tablet Keyboard Case

Turn your tablet into a laptop Detachable keyboard design (Apple pencil not lncluded) Suitable for iPad Air 3 2019 10.5 inch Suitable for iPad Air 2 9.7 inch Suitable for iPad Air 1 9.7 inch

For multiple working

Help you get more done,Increase work efficiency

Keyboard for Microsoft / iOS / Android

System switching method: FN+Q Android system FN+W Windows system FN+E iOS system

Bluetooth keyboard connection method

①Turn the switch to ON, after the switch flashes,Press the connect button,luetooth light is blinking. ②Keyboard tap Fn + E,Set as iOS system ③Click on the tablet "Settings" to turn on Bluetooth and click on the pairing "Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard".

Multi-system compatible keyboard

Keyboard compatible with Android / Microsoft / iOS Bluetooth devices

Antifouling coating process

No fingerprints, no stains.

Built-in Apple Pencil Holder

Integrated Apple Pencil Holder for secure storage and quick access. (Apple Pencil Not Included)

Fast and smooth keyboard input

Scissor switches,Good resilience and fine comfortability

Large capacity battery

Fast charging, long standby and low loss. 3 hours Charging time 100 hours Continuous use 100 days Standby

Simple design frivolous portable

0.6 cm Keyboard thickness 0.152 kg Keyboard weight

Separate keyboard design

Keyboard and case can be used separately

Magnetic adsorption design

The adsorption is firm and will not fall.

Silicone back soft shell

Easy installation and removal,safe and efficient heat dissipation. ①Effective cooling effect ②Soft silicone,impact and drop resistant ③Easy to install or remove

3 support angles

It turns into a convenient stand ,to give you the best viewing angle.

5% Discount will be available upon checkout

5% Discount will be available upon checkout