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360 Full Cover Case For mini 5 iPad mini 1 2 3 4 Case For iPad mini 5 2019 Cases with Tempered Glass Thin Soft Silicone Funda

  • $17.76

mini 1 2 3 Black
mini 1 2 3 Blue
mini 1 2 3 Red
mini 4 Black
mini 4 Blue
mini 4 Red
mini 5 Black
mini 5 Blue
mini 5 Red

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The protective cover must be installed and used at the same time as the tempered glass, otherwise the protective cover will loosen! !! !! Tempered glass and protective cover are installed in one piece.

Please check the model before purchasing.

Please check the back code of the iPad when purchasing: Axxxx (four digits), compare with the model number in the picture, and confirm the model before purchasing. The options are applicable to 3 models, iPad mini 1 2 3 / iPad mini 4 / iPad mini 5 2019. Please check the model and purchase it according to the model of the photo in the option. If you are not sure what the model is, please do not Buy, contact us to help you confirm, if the wrong purchase caused by not checking the model, the seller is not responsible, please know, thank you! !!Have a good day!

360° Full Cover Case(For iPad Mini Series)

360° Full Cover protection / soft silicone / ultra-thin / Anti-fingerprint

Aieach 360 Degree Full Cover Case very safer

360 Full Cover Case, thinner and more secure.

① 360 Degree Full Cover Protection (screen is protected by tempered glass) ② The 360 Full Cover Case is thin and lighter than other Case. ③ Ultra-thin feel, anti-fingerprint, just like the original machine thickness.

Ultra-thin experience,Comfortable hold

When playing games,Protective shell does not affect the gaming experience

0.1cm Thickness

Soft silicone material, lightweight design, comfortable feel

360 Degree 3 in 1 protection

Front cover silicone / tempered glass film / back cover silicone, consisting of three parts

Back buckle design

Seamless fit, not loose, strong, Easy installation and removal without damaging the tablet

360 Degree shockproof protection

The four corner edges are fully covered and protected against the impact of the fall and protect the tablet.

Camera protection

The back cover is 0.1cm higher than the camera, preventing the camera from being damaged by friction.

Precision incision

Will not affect the horn sound, and the use of accessories.

Full coverage button

Prevent the buttons from being worn and worn out due to long-term use of the buttons.

Matte Texture Anti-Fouling and Anti-Fingerprint

Comfortable touch, anti-fouling and anti-fingerprint

5% Discount will be available upon checkout

5% Discount will be available upon checkout