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Touch Screen Smart WIFI Thermostat

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Modern Touch Screen Room Thermostats are designed to on/off control the gas boiler via comparison of the room temperature and set temp. as reaching the aim of comfort and saving energy by your mobile phone.

You can now control the temperature in your home whether you are at home or abroad with our Smart Wifi


  1. The BHT-1000 range has been developed to control electric underfloor system.
  2. The thermostat is used in commercial, industrial, hospital, hotels, civil buildings and villas for heating control.
  3. Touchscreen display with backlight, easy to read, even in the dark.
  4. Convenient operation creates a convenient life.
  5. Manage your home temperature, even when you are in any place around the world at any time.
  6. Fashion design blends in with any decor.
  7. Zero service fee.
  8. Remote controlled by mobile APP or computer WiFi.
  9. One-touch temperature control overrides program schedule at any time.
  10. Precise comfort control keeps the temperature within 0.5 Celsius Degree of the level you set.
  11. Bright buttons always remind you the world truly exists.
  12. Easy UI interface could be used even by a child.
  13. Easy installation, suitable for 86mm hidden box and European 60mm round box

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